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School Values and Learner Qualities

At Lockleys North Primary school we believe that all learners can and will be successful. Our vision is to develop a community of empowered learners who strive for success. Our values shape our vision, beliefs and way of being. Respect, Care and Concern, Honesty and Pursuit of Excellence guide every part of our culture, relationships, and teaching and learning.

Our school values of Respect, Honesty, Pursuit of Excellence and Care and Concern underpin all expectations at LNPS. 

Our aspiration is that all students at LNPS develop 6 Learner Qualities which enable them to consistently live our values. 

Students are encouraged and supported to take charge of their own learning. Aiming High at LNPS enables our students to demonstrate our 6 Learner Qualities, which our school community acknowledges as essential skills that all students should have on completion of their time at LNPS.

All adults at LNPS model our school values and explicitly teach them in the context of learning. We create learning environments and support students to develop reflective practices so their experiences build their social and personal capacity, equipping them with social and relationship skills. Educators and students work collaboratively in creating learning spaces, where they share values and beliefs, actively engage in learning from one another, and have a joint responsibility for learning while sustaining a mutually respectful and cohesive environment. 

Learner Qualities and School Values are modelled and explicitly taught.  To support students to be (or become) successful learners, expectations around the values are unpacked conscientiously with students and reflected upon frequently.

Learner Qualities and School Values are modelled and explicitly taught. Students are provided with opportunities to be reflective, collaborative, curious and independent as they develop their social and personal awareness within the school community and everyday life experiences.

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Our Values 

Learner Qualities