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At Lockleys North Primary school we believe that all learners can and will be successful. Our vision is to develop a community of empowered learners who strive for success. Our values shape our vision, beliefs and way of being. Respect, Care and Concern, Honesty and Pursuit of Excellence guide every part of our culture, relationships, and teaching and learning.

As Principal, I strive for a shared vision for our school, with a partnership between our staff, students and families, so that the whole school community can work together to bring this vision to life. 

Key elements of my vision for our school include, ensuring:

  • all of our students feel they are valued members of a caring school community
  • all students have the opportunity and support to grow both academically and socially
  • there is a strong focus on student well-being as a foundation for learning, given that growth and well-being are closely connected
  • a strong culture of improvement and growth in all areas of the school
  • staff feel valued and are supported in their roles
  • families are genuinely engaged in their child’s learning and connected to the school

I am excited about the opportunities we have to further develop LNPS as an outstanding school and a key part of this will be working with the whole school community to shape this future together. 

Tyson Grinham