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Learning in Years 1 & 2

At Lockleys North Primary school we believe that all learners can and will be successful. Our vision is to develop a community of empowered learners who strive for success. Our values shape our vision, beliefs and way of being. Respect, Care and Concern, Honesty and Pursuit of Excellence guide every part of our culture, relationships, and teaching and learning.

In Mellor (Year 1/2) we work collaboratively together to plan and provide the best possible learning experiences for our students. We see ourselves as co-learners, working with children as they learn, supporting them and fostering independence.

Our learning spaces capture and extend the inquisitive nature of young children. In a safe and supportive environment, there is a strong emphasis on the development of personal and social capabilities, oral language and curiosity alongside the core curriculum areas of literacy and numeracy.

See our Year 1 and 2 handbook for more information.  



Developing Learner Qualities