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You can do it

At Lockleys North Primary school we believe that all learners can and will be successful. Our vision is to develop a community of empowered learners who strive for success. Our values shape our vision, beliefs and way of being. Respect, Care and Concern, Honesty and Pursuit of Excellence guide every part of our culture, relationships, and teaching and learning.

The You Can Do It (YCDI) program helps strengthen student self-belief and social-emotional skills. It supports your child with developing their confidence, resilience, persistence, organisation and getting along skills. Starting school is a big transition, not only for your child but the whole family. Everything is new or different including, routines, friends and adults, five days of learning, managing belongings, regulating emotions.

You can support your child at home by establishing long term healthy habits like: helping getting ready for school and creating homework routines establishing positive morning and afternoon routines encouraging your child to help with chores, cleaning up, learning to tie their shoe laces and getting dressed themselves allowing plenty of time for rest, relaxation and sleep speaking in full sentences to support vocabulary development and effective communication by allowing them to complete a task, and feel proud of their achievements encouraging persistence by looking for opportunities for your child to practise something over and over until it is mastered.

It’s also important to explain the difference between luck and effort. developing resilience, as it is okay to struggle It is okay to be challenged, it’s okay that perhaps you didn’t get a turn or you had to wait It is okay to play with lots of children, it is okay if something isn’t working to try again, ask for help or walk away.